Xingang,Tianjin,China to Valencia,Spain Ocean Freight

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Tianjin sea freight quotation network, is committed to container shipping quotation, container trailer, container yard packing, customs declaration and so on 20 years of professional research network platform, can effectively, convenient for customers to provide accurate, timely, the most favorable, the most competitive sea freight quotation. We have a long history of sending Valencia,SpainOf the goods, for this route has a huge advantage, welcome to inquire.

What day is it from Xingang to

Generally, the ship is scheduled on the 7 day of week. Generally, the ship is scheduled on Thursday. Other ship owners have other shipping dates. Please call our company and we will help you choose other shipping dates that are helpful to you.

How many days from TIANJIN XINGANG to ?

there are 35 days,There are faster ships, there are slower ships, of course, the price is different, our company can provide you with a set of systems of logistics solutions, welcome to choose our.

xingang to

850USD / 20gp

1500USD / 40gp

1500USD / 40hq

Date of quotation:2020-05-20

who is the To vessel owner to

vessel owner is Cosco,So do other shipowners, with different voyages.

xingang china to 瓦伦西亚,西班牙 information

自然条件:该港属亚热带地中海式气候,盛行西风。年平均气温最高36摄氏度,最低1摄氏度。全年平均降雨量约1000mm。平均潮差约0.6m。 港口位置:位于西班牙河的入海口,巴伦西亚湾内,濒临地中海的西侧,是首都马德里最近的海上出入门户,也是西班牙东部重要的工业城市。主要工业有造船等,并且是西班牙的造船中心之一。它又是著名的文化古城,多文化与科研机构。有许多名胜古迹,最突出的是钟楼,有“百钟楼城”之称,是著名旅游胜地。港口距机场约15km。 港区分布及泊位情况:本港水域面积达618公顷,码头岸线总长为23km,港区主要码头泊位如下: 码头类别 泊位(个) 岸线长(m) 最大水深(m) GENERAL CARGO(杂货) 8 1994 11 CONTAINER (集装箱) 4 1034 14 OIL QUAY (油码头) 3 657 12 BULK CARGO (散货) 5 1155 14 RO/RO (滚装) 5 1074 7 仓储堆场及能力:仓库面积达5.5万平方米,堆场面积达18.7万平方米,植物油库可储油7000吨。装卸机械及能力:装卸设备有各种岸吊、可移式吊、集装箱吊、浮吊及滚装设施等,其中浮吊的最大起重能力为80吨。还有直径为152.4-254mm的输油管供油船装卸使用。输油管可以直通炼油厂,速率每小时为300立方米。

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