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Tianjin sea freight quotation network, is committed to container shipping quotation, container trailer, container yard packing, customs declaration and so on 20 years of professional research network platform, can effectively, convenient for customers to provide accurate, timely, the most favorable, the most competitive sea freight quotation. We have a long history of sending ,Of the goods, for this route has a huge advantage, welcome to inquire.

What day is it from Xingang to

Generally, the ship is scheduled on the 7 day of week. Generally, the ship is scheduled on Thursday. Other ship owners have other shipping dates. Please call our company and we will help you choose other shipping dates that are helpful to you.

How many days from TIANJIN XINGANG to ?

there are 35 days,There are faster ships, there are slower ships, of course, the price is different, our company can provide you with a set of systems of logistics solutions, welcome to choose our.

xingang to

850USD / 20gp

1600USD / 40gp

1600USD / 40hq

Date of quotation:2020-05-20

who is the To vessel owner to

vessel owner is Cosco,So do other shipowners, with different voyages.

xingang china to , information

利沃诺(LIVORON)港利沃诺位于意大利(全称:意大利共和国 THE REPUBLIC OF ITALY)亚平宁(APP-ENNINO)半岛西北沿海,濒临利古里亚(LIGURIAN)海的东侧,又名莱戈恩(L-EGHORN)港,是意大利北部主要海港之一,港口设有免税仓库。北距比萨(PISA)斜塔约20km,与法国的科西嘉(CORSICA)岛隔海相望。主要工业有钢铁、化工、炼油、造船、铜、铝冶炼、玻璃、纺织和食品等,还有大型船厂。  利沃诺(LIVORON)港还是风景秀丽的天然良港。距机场约20km,距热那亚港约76n mile。该港属亚热带地中海式气候,盛行东和东北风,如连续3天的东南强风时,港内会有涌浪,影响进口。  利沃诺(LIVORON)港有防波堤防护。港区主要码头泊位如下:码 头 类 别

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