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Tianjin sea freight quotation network, is committed to container shipping quotation, container trailer, container yard packing, customs declaration and so on 20 years of professional research network platform, can effectively, convenient for customers to provide accurate, timely, the most favorable, the most competitive sea freight quotation. We have a long history of sending Panama City,PanamaOf the goods, for this route has a huge advantage, welcome to inquire.

What day is it from Xingang to

Generally, the ship is scheduled on the 7 day of week. Generally, the ship is scheduled on Thursday. Other ship owners have other shipping dates. Please call our company and we will help you choose other shipping dates that are helpful to you.

How many days from TIANJIN XINGANG to ?

there are 35 days,There are faster ships, there are slower ships, of course, the price is different, our company can provide you with a set of systems of logistics solutions, welcome to choose our.

xingang to

1200USD / 20gp

1850USD / 40gp

1850USD / 40hq

Date of quotation:2020-05-24

who is the To vessel owner to

vessel owner is Emc,So do other shipowners, with different voyages.

xingang china to 巴拿马城,巴拿马 information

巴拿马首都和巴拿马省省会。位于巴拿马运河太平洋入口处。面积 106.5平方千米。人口83.1万。原是印第安人渔村。古城建于1519年。1671年海盗将古城全部毁掉 。1674年在城西 8千米处建新城。 1903年巴拿马独立后成为首都。1914年随巴拿马运河建成,城市迅速发展,成为全国经济中心。经济主要依靠运河的运输业和为运河职工提供服务的服务业。工业有炼油、轧钢、制鞋、服装、食品、烟草、水泥和木材加工等。建有停泊远洋巨轮的深水码头和国际机场。铁路、公路可达运河北口的科隆港,并有泛美公路连接南、北美洲。城市功能分区明确。古城区为高级住宅区和旅游区,新城为具有西班牙建筑风格的文化区,两者之间为后起的繁华商业区。

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