Xingang,Tianjin,China to Belize City,Belize Ocean Freight

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Tianjin sea freight quotation network, is committed to container shipping quotation, container trailer, container yard packing, customs declaration and so on 20 years of professional research network platform, can effectively, convenient for customers to provide accurate, timely, the most favorable, the most competitive sea freight quotation. We have a long history of sending Belize City,BelizeOf the goods, for this route has a huge advantage, welcome to inquire.

What day is it from Xingang to

Generally, the ship is scheduled on the 7 day of week. Generally, the ship is scheduled on Thursday. Other ship owners have other shipping dates. Please call our company and we will help you choose other shipping dates that are helpful to you.

How many days from TIANJIN XINGANG to ?

there are 35 days,There are faster ships, there are slower ships, of course, the price is different, our company can provide you with a set of systems of logistics solutions, welcome to choose our.

xingang to

1200USD / 20gp

1850USD / 40gp

1850USD / 40hq

Date of quotation:2020-05-25

who is the To vessel owner to

vessel owner is Emc,So do other shipowners, with different voyages.

xingang china to 伯利兹城,伯利兹 information

位于伯利兹(全称:伯利兹BELIZE)东部沿海伯利兹河口南岸,濒临加勒比海(CARIBBEAN SEA)的西北侧,是伯利兹最大的港口。它曾是伯利兹的首府,是海上运输的要冲。经济以甘蔗、木材生产为主,森林占全国面积的70%以上,盛产红木。沿海渔业资源丰富,有大龙虾、旗鱼、海牛及珊瑚等。市内有全国唯一的1所大学。港口距伯利丝国际机场约16km,有飞往美国及拉美国家的定期航班。该港属热带雨林气候,盛行东风。年平均气温约25℃~27℃。每年5~10月常有飓风出现。全年平均降雨量约1500mm,6~11月为雨季。港内潮差不大,平均为0.1m。港区主要码头泊位有3个,岸线长317m,最大水深9.1m。装卸设备有可移式吊、拖船及滚装设施等,还有直径为200mm的输油管供装卸使用。装卸效率:原油每小时可卸272吨。滚装泊位的水深为5.1m。大船锚地水深达9.8m。本港自由区始建于1978年,面积达4万m∧。1992年集装箱吞叶量为2万TEU,主要出口货物为糖、木材、成衣、水果及海产品等,进口货物主要有机械、食品、工业制品及日用品等。主要贸易对象为美国、英国、墨西哥、加拿大及牙买加等。在节假日中元旦、劳动节、复活节及圣诞节等不工作,其余时间工作算加班。

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