Xingang,Tianjin,China to Paramaribo,Suriname Ocean Freight

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Tianjin sea freight quotation network, is committed to container shipping quotation, container trailer, container yard packing, customs declaration and so on 20 years of professional research network platform, can effectively, convenient for customers to provide accurate, timely, the most favorable, the most competitive sea freight quotation. We have a long history of sending Paramaribo,SurinameOf the goods, for this route has a huge advantage, welcome to inquire.

What day is it from Xingang to

Generally, the ship is scheduled on the 7 day of week. Generally, the ship is scheduled on Thursday. Other ship owners have other shipping dates. Please call our company and we will help you choose other shipping dates that are helpful to you.

How many days from TIANJIN XINGANG to ?

there are 35 days,There are faster ships, there are slower ships, of course, the price is different, our company can provide you with a set of systems of logistics solutions, welcome to choose our.

xingang to

2350USD / 20gp

4400USD / 40gp

4400USD / 40hq

Date of quotation:2020-05-25

who is the To vessel owner to

vessel owner is Emc,So do other shipowners, with different voyages.

xingang china to 帕拉马里博,苏里南 information

      苏里南共和国(荷兰语:Republiek Suriname),简称苏里南(苏里南语:Sranan;博杰普尔语:Sarnam)。位于南美洲北部,东邻法属圭亚那,南界巴西,西连圭亚那,北濒大西洋,属热带雨林气候,年均气温23~27℃,是南美洲国家联盟成员国,首都帕拉马里博为苏里南河河口的商港。 [1] 

苏里南的国名源自当地原住民苏里南人,原为美洲印第安人居住地。1593年被西班牙探险者宣布为其属地。1602年荷兰人开始到此定居。1630年英国移民迁入。1667年英、荷签订条约,苏里南成为荷兰殖民地。1815年《维也纳条约》正式确立荷对苏的宗主国地位。1954年实行内部自治。1975年11月25日宣告独立,成立共和国。 [1] 

苏里南无论以面积还是人口排名,都是南美洲最小的一个国家,也是西半球不属于荷兰王国组成体的地区中,唯一以荷兰语为官方语言的国家,居民通用苏里南语, [1]  汉语中的客家语是苏里南共和国的法定语言。 [2] 

苏里南是一个种族、语言、宗教极为多元的国家,当中穆斯林人口占苏里南的13%,其比例在所有美洲国家中最高。 [2] 

2019年11月27日,中华人民共和国和苏里南共和国签署联合新闻公报,中华人民共和国主席习近平邀请苏里南共和国总统德西·德拉诺·鲍特瑟于2019年11月27日至30日对中国进行国事访问。 [3] 

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